The embroidery factory was found in 2004. Now there is construction area of 5000 square meters more than 70 computer embroidery machines, as well as more than 200 vigorous employees, including Korean designer 2, Computer plate-making personnel 8. Our factory with advanced technology, excellent quality management concept, and constantly introducing new equipment occupy the market and win customer's favor.
      1. There are 7 sets of electronic embroidering of towel, with towel embroidery, chains, sequin embroidery, flat embroidery mixing function, creating a higher commodity value.
      2. There are 7 coil mixed computerized embroidery machines, with plate rope, dribbling, sequins, flat embroidery mixed embroidery function Etc.
      3. There are more than 20 sequin embroidery machine, with mixed embroidery patterns and specifications of doing embroidery, which makes the embroidery products with elegance, fashion strong individual characteristics, widely used in fashion, curtain, bedspread, toys, crafts, adornment of embroidery
      4. There are 4 carving machines, 12 laser sticky machine, 1 laser adhesive bonding machine, 1 punching machine. The annual production is more than 200,000 yards embroidery fabric and embroidery 100 million garments. Plant products are mainly exported to Japan, America, Middle East, Europe etc.     
Welcome everyone to visit our factory and give your suggestions, negotiations cooperation and common development.
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